Friday, April 20, 2012

5 Days ♥

Yesterday he surprised me and come pick me up at work. Without any calls or messages. He just came. Out of nowhere. 
Actually yesterday, he got into accident, tangan luka sikit. But he's okay.
Dia datang and ajak pegi minum while waiting for Iid. 
 Tunggu punya tunggu Iid tak sampai sampai. 
Last last dia kata nak balik la. 

And then he handed me a red Converse. And I was like "Kasut siapa warna merah tu ?". Rupa rupanya he bought the shoe for me. Sebab kasut Everlast I comes to an end. Okay. I wanted to pay but he insisted. Cause I'm the one who forced him to buy. Tapi biasa la gurau je kot :(.

Heee, whatever it is. Thank you sayang for the shoe. I really love it. Siap pakai pegi kerja lagi tau ? Hhehe. 

Okay, enough for now. I nak mandi. He's on his way to pick me up and go makan :p