Saturday, April 14, 2012

Do You Remember The First Time,

So I was tweeting with Nana. I seen Do You Remember The First Time trending. So flashback time :D. Flashback two years back. Remember 24 April 2010 anyone ? MMC registration day. 

First person yang I jumpa :
Nurfarhana Tahir @ Nana Bunny 

I remember the first time I sampai dekat college it was too early. Went to Kg Baru to check in hostel. I yang pertama bukak pintu ruma. I stuff my bags and all. Lepas tu keluar balik dengan Mak and Ayah. Balik balik hostel je masuk bilik tengok Nana tidur. I was like, eh boleh dia tidur panas panas macam ni kan. Haih. Sabar je la. Tidur best pulak tu. Tak bergerak langsung. Hehe. You know baby. I never knew we would be that close. I get to know you each and everyday. You are the sweetest, yang paling manja and yang paling cute among other. Since satu bilik and Nana tidur katil dekat atas I was thrill to be friend with you. One thing yang I tak akan lupa is your laugh. Aduhai. Gelak tak menahan, "Keluar suara jantan woo.". Hahahah. Haih. Rindu gila. Boleh nangis macam ni lama lama. Rindu rindu. Ingat tak time Qie nangis Nana wipe my tears and gave me a warm hug lepas tu bagi makan roti. Tengah malam pulak tu. Hehe. Froggy pun ada kawan dekat hostel dulu. Nama dia Cici. Windunyaaa :(


Ze Important Lover ♥

The most  important people in my life.
My dearest ; 
Fazni Shuhada Ahmad Niza
Nurfarhana Tahir
Nur Laila Najwa 

♥ you guys endlessly :D

Two and a half years.

After today, reality begins. 

No more college life. No more being playful. No more childishness. No more. 

We just finished our semester 6 finals this morning. 
This upcoming monday is a road, journey for each and every of us to step in and live in reality. All this while, we been living in a fantasy. A world where we created things just to make ourself feel better.

After today, starting this monday I'm going to start my journey as a worker. Well, close to it actually. I'll be starting my Internship at Zoo Negara under Public Affairs and Marketing Department. Wish me luck for life ahead. Insyallah. I'll be praying for you too. 

Bob and Wan forced us to confess over things that ever happened in these two years duration. Thank you for the experienced you guys. You taught me to live strongly :)

I love you guys till the end. I will. Keep in touch :D !