Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcoming 2012

Assalamualaikum :)
Greetings readers.

How do you do ?
Macam mana New Year Celebration ? Syok ? 
Takda la syok mana. 
Boleh lee. 

Semalam balik pukul 2.15 am. BBQ with family friends dekat Kg Melayu Tambahan.
Penat sangat.
Dapat pulak melayan Adam Arian. Lagi penat. Budak tembam yang sangat handsome.
Arr, rindu pulak :(

Well, actually I was about to say my first January 2012 wasn't that great.
I keep on doing mistake.
Why Qila why ?
Why can't you enjoy the moments without making any mistake ?
Eeeee. Sedih sangat :'(
Drop down into tears for the last couple hours.
Gah. Sakit gila :(
*Marah dengan diri sendiri +.+

That's all for me.
So extremely bored and no mood at all.
Tapi jari gatal nak menaip.
Till then :)

Psst : Dear 2012. Surprise me with something. Something. At least one thing. Kbye.