Saturday, December 31, 2011

HIM :)

We finally reach the end of 2011.

The post tittle. 
HIM <3

Muhammad Nur Hakim Ismail. 
My friends knows how madly in love am I with him. 
He's the one to blame for the missing and loving thingy.

He came by at the right time last year on July 2010
I known him for 6 months before we get together.
In that 6 months time.
We been together as a secret lover.
Secret relationship. Fun gila ! 
Rindu pulak. Main jeling jeling je. Tapi tak pernah bercakap face-to-face. Even jumpa dekat college everyday tapi tak cakap. Only in Facebook je. Hahaha. Okay lawak sangat. Comel betul Sayang I ni !

There's a lot of obstacle we'd face.
There's a lot of challenges involved feeling, friendship, betrayal, love, play hard to get, tears, and so many more.
From July 2010, 6 months later. He finally proposed on 25 December 2010.
After, we make deals and promises to each other.

It started on 25 December 2010. 
Since we're in the same college but in the different courses. 
We do things together.
Almost everyday.
Eat, Study and so on.

My first time ride motorcycle with him.

My first time meet his FAMILY !

My first time made a birthday surprise for anyone.

My first time went hiking with him.

My first time official one year anniversary with him.

My first time mandi sungai with him.

My first time enjoying fasting month and Raya with him.

We never get bored of each other.
The love kept growing when we're apart.
We have each other for the first 5 months.
Where love is all we've been looking for.
But when we entered the second phase of relationship.
Ups and downs.
Tears almost most of the night before I go to bed. 
After awhile, I took it as challenges and dugaan by Allah for our relationship.
To make it grow stronger.
We made everything go well. 
Misunderstanding becomes the usual conversation for us.
And so on. 
We became stronger and closer to each other. 

The love became much more stronger on August 2011.
When I received my first rose from him.

It's fasting month. On our 8th monthsary.
We went our for Iftar at Gasolin, TS.
Starting for the first day of fasting, the love become much more meaningful.
Maybe because of the month itself.

He teaches me so many things in life.
Things I didn't know. 
He made me realize about everything.

On October. 
We volunteered to be crews for our colleges convocation at MMU.
We been placed at Hotel Sepang.
Don't freak out when you see the word HOTEL. 
Nothing happened -.-'
We didn't sleep until 4 or 5 am I guess. 
Went to mamak twice that night.
That morning, 6 o'clock in the freaking morning !
Iddy woke us up and need to get ready by 6.30 am.
Woke him up at his room and prepared for his stuff.
That moment.
I will cherished until the greatest Jannah.
Only you and me know how the feeling felt like.

You made me felt so comfortable, so safe, so in love with you.
No words can describe the feelings we had.
No one, I meant.
Can ever replaced your position in my heart.

Where would I find a guy who will accept my good and bad ?
Where would I find a guy who's going to prepare me for his mother to love me ?
Where would I find a guy who's going to correct all my mistakes and never mention it after I make one ?
Where would I find a guy who's going to be there thru my thick and thin ?
Where would I find a guy whom I'm sure not gonna leave me when we fought ?
Where would I find a guy who are very patient ?
Where would I find a guy who are very passionate about his girl ?
Where would I find a guy who's going to solve or even listen to my sappy stories ?

Never in life. I been thru all this feelings with any guy before.
Even Nabila once told me ; B, you never love anyone like you loved him before.
Forever, he will be the best boyfriend and best best friend I ever have and ever will.

The day of my birthday.
You made this surprises by saying ; " Sayang I tak buat apa apa pun for your Birthday ".
Memang frust menongeng. 
But the next morning, right after my presentation.
He came to me and made me hold a rose. 
Red rose and a red card where he scattered white and red roses in it.
Hand made by him.

Alahai, cairnya :D.
Iddy and Hafiz glance at me terus cakap ; "Dia da start gelak, tadi macam kerang busuk".

You don't know how happy am I at that moment.
I promise, I will cherished our every moment together.
Every second. Every minute. Every hours. And. Everyday of our life.

On our anniversary.
I made you a book of our memories.
Black shirt monster saying "Bonjour" 
A frame of us picture on my Birthday.
And one picture of me when I was 3 years old.
The book I've made.
Full of pictures and wording.
All meaningful words from me.
All my feelings.
I compiled everything in a book of 10 pages.
If I'm not mistaken.

Sayang, I never said this. 
But you're the best boyfriend I ever had and ever will.
My feelings towards you means more than what words can be told.
I have always love you.
I love you today, tomorrow and always.

I'm hoping we could find our happiness until the greatest Jannah.

We're today. On the 31st December 2011.
We are now.
Known You : 1 Year, 5 Months and 4 Days.
Our Anniversary : I Year and 6 Days together.

I love you so much Sayang ;)


The Day.

The Day. 
The very last day of 2011.

Half 2011. Going 2012 :)

Why people make it very important ? 
Cause this is the time where you recap everything you did for the past 364 days ago.

And, as for me. I didn't need ended it well.
I have a little misunderstanding with Mr. Hakim here.
He been saying those TRUE but HARD to ACCEPT kinda things. 
The thing when he tried to spill all of my mistake and wanted me to realize all that.
I appreciate it Sayang. Thank you so much for that.
I admit it Sayang. It's my fault.
I digoda oleh syaitan. I minta maaf I terkasar bahasa tadi. Juga tak hormat pada you.
Maafkan I.
I have no intention to make fun of it.
I did not laugh cause it's funny.
I laugh because I know you betul and I salah.

I'm not a better person.
I made mistake. And will always do it.
It's not that I wanted it too. It just came.
But, I need someone to tell me it's wrong to do so.
And you do that for me. Every time. Every minute without failed.
So I've learn my lesson.
I have learnt.

I'm not supposed to act like I did.
As I was crying my eyes out.

I have some thoughts. 

Why would you hate someone, when you can love them ?
Allah sentiasa menyayangi umatnya walau teruk mana seseorang itu.
Kenapa tak I ?
So, I decided to stop hating, revenging and start loving and caring.
Siapa la I untuk membenci ? I cuma manusia biasa yang mempunyai perasaan yang bercampur baur dan juga mampu dihasut oleh syaitan. 
That make me a bad person. 
I didn't stop it from happened. I let it be.
Siapa I untuk menghukum right ? I don't have the right to do so.

I'm sorry for my meanest words. Even tak da la mean sangat. Cause semua orang tau. Qila tak mampu nak marah orang. Walaupun adik beradik sendiri.
I'm too kind. Ceh. Perasan. 
Okay, no. I just don't have the heart to marah orang. Tak sampai hati nak tengok orang nangis :(
Saya jiwang. Biasa la :D

And, that's all for now. Kejap lagi I continue karang essay lagi okay ?
Rehat my mind kejap.
Berehat bersama The Sims on Facebook. 
It super addictivez !
I have a lot to write :D !

Don't mind waiting right ?
Have a pleasant day.