Sunday, December 25, 2011



I'm not in a good mood nor shape. I hate celcom like *&#^ ! 
Why do you have to bitch the line while I'm on the phone -.-' ?

You see. I blame celcom for ruining my mood today. 
Just got off to phone with Sayang. A very short short conversation. 
Well I'm not happy at all. When I'm supposed to be today.

Oh well, whatever. 
Hope you'll be better tomorrow.

Just wanna write while my writing mood is doing okay. *Iguess.
How I spend my holidays, I blend with movies and youtube so well.
I got to watch Barbie. I watched The Diamond Castle, The Princess Charm School, The Rapunzel, The Fairy Secret and more :D
I got to watch korean's movies - which I'm never a fan before. And never will be. I got bored. So, I watch it just to fill my day.

Well, I also get busy getting myself fat and lot more chubbier :D ! 
Sayang suruh jaga badan. Heeeeeeeee :D 
Duduk ruma, watched movie and makan. That's all I do. 

Hee, till then.