Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Never Be Replaced.

Hello once again :D

It's my fourth post for today :)

Excuse me for being over writing in my own blog. Haha.

The songs Never Be Replaced by 1st Lady really suit my feeling tonight. 
As I go thru all these album of my bestfriends :)

Me, Cha, Nabila and Elly we're very close.
We go by pair.
Me and Nabila
Elly and Cha.
Sometimes, we switch to Me and Elly | Nabila and Cha and Naza

We're best friend since form 3 and still counting.
Even we're far away, but we're still there for each other.
You guys will never be replaced. 
What I had with you guys is nothing compared to what I had now.
You guys are different and always be there when I need you.
You gave me bad and good opinion whenever I need one.
We used to fought, but who doesn't ?
Even you're not with me. But once in awhile when I see you guys. You guys can tell what's happening.
I can tell what's going on in your life.
I can't wait for degree. I'm hoping we're going to stick together. 

Nabila's going to have her first final in this new courses.
Cha's going to have her second final for degree.
Elly's change and decided to wear Hijab for good. I'm proud of your little girl. I really miss you.
And as for me. I'm finishing my diploma in June. 

I miss you guys so much, that I can't get enough of you guys.
I had the best holiday :)
You will never be replaced no matter how far I go.
You will be there in my mind, and heart.

We shared almost everything whenever we're together.
Where would I find someone like you guys out there ?

It's a beautiful December. In two weeks time, I had the time of my life. 
Thank you, you guys for being there for me and each other. 
Hoping to see you guys soon enough :)

That's all for now. 
Lots of love.
Hugsnkisses <3


Hello :)

It's 3.05 am. And I'm wide awake :D !

I just wanna let this thing out of my mind since it's been in my mind and been my secrets for a lot time.
It's actually, not so long time ago.
It happened about few months ago.

When I found myself terumbang ambing.
With my studies and friends.

But I have to say, my studies went well. 
My exam, I did my best on my exam week. For 4 months studying my major subject "Marketing", 
I love what I'm doing.
Overall my semester 5 went well.
Except for few things.

Me and Hakim are like no other, 
we been good, never been bad. 
Arguments are pretty casual to all couple out there. But we're matured and rational enough to handle our obstacles.

My studies
What can I say, I love the subject.
I love my lecturers.
I love my assignment, it kinda funny right ? "I love my assignment ??". 
Don't get me wrong. I do love it.
I enjoy my every moment doing all those assignment.
It's pretty hard tho, but name me simple task. It wouldn't be call as assignment right ?

The hardest part, the deepest secret.
It's about my friends.
For those who are reading. Or not. Haha.
Something happened not so long time ago. Even it kinda hurts me but I'll take it as Dugaan from Allah for me to stay strong and able to grow older, matured and think as rational as I can.
You might get pissed when you read this. Cause you know who you are. If you do. I'm sorry.

For those who used to hate me. Don't ever think that you can get along with me like we used too. It would never be the same. 
If you're reading this, you probably say all kind of bad things to me. But one thing for sure. 
I need someone that I can hold on too. 
I need someone who's going to be there. 
I need someone who's not going to back stab me.
Most important.
I need that someone to accept my bad and good side.
If you can't.
That might be hard for you and me. 
Cause there will never be you and me. 
You don't suit the cut.
You better leave,
I'm better on my own.

I'm sorry if I ever broke people's heart. But what about mine ? Mine doesn't count ? It's a question I always asked myself. How about mine ?
I'm just saying because I can't keep all this on my own anymore or maybe I don't need to keep this kinda things in my heart and my mind.
It's very disturbing. 
And, I need this things to go away. And never came back.
That's all.

Counting Days :)

Hey ho :D !

It's me again !
Of course it's me again, this is mine tho.
Heee, jk jk.

I'm hell bored and alone. Oh, forever alone.
Hakim kinda sleep early today, he went to PD with his family and all tired now.
Sleep like baby already. Senyap je. Haiyoo.

Well, I'm not here to talk about this. 

Going to talk about me counting days.
Counting days about what ?
Look at the calendar and I scream for 25th December 2011.
My very first year with HIM.
And my very first anniversary with anyone. 

Congrats me please, ceh ! Haha. Jk.

I'm not here to pleased people or myself.
I get very hyper and all excited about this past few weeks.
When I'm not supposed too.

Hopefully nothing bad gonna happens.

I'm counting days. 
12 days to go Sayang ;)

I love you like no one care. I love unconditionally. I hope you do too.
I can't wait to see you. Love you so much Sayang. Hugs.

It's been one week and more without and I'm miserable enough without you here :'( tsktsk.


Evenings :)

Teehee, I haven't sleep yet even I have major headache right now.

Get very excited about today tho. That's why I can't sleep. 
And of course I had chocolate enriched with Cha at Oldtown 2 hours ago. Lagi tak boleh tidur. And getting all hyper all of a sudden. 

I just get better from food positioning. Had that food positioning on Saturday because of that Yong Tau Foo. Lepas ni tak nak makan da :p
And now I'm recovering.
Suddenly craving for ice cream and Nabila's came and asked me to teach her account which I did for only 10 minutes. 
Haha, what can I say. She is a good pick up :)

Plan with Cha to have lunch with her. 
But end up having ice cream dinner with her and Nabila at KL Festival City. Twice this week. 
Minggu ni je berapa kali keluar dengan Cha. 
Arrr, good life ;) I love it.

And, again.
After send Cha back to her house at 8 something. 
And then,
Cha called at 11 PM and said she's hungry. 
So she pick me up and we have our midnight supper at Oldtown Taman Permata.

I had French Toast. And Cha had her Chicken Hor Fun.
Yummy tummy. I'm full and sleepy + with headache.
But still active and hyper.
Blame the chocolate enriched, I bet Cha haven't sleep yet :p

Oh well. 
I had the best weekend with them.
They are what I call love.
Wait till Hakim balik KL.
Lagi love is in the air :D

Oh, I'm in love with my holi, holiday ;)