Friday, December 9, 2011

Fun Emergency :D !

I was chilling in the living room also was on the phone with Hakim around 5 PM just now, waiting for Mama to come home. 
Suddenly Cha called and say "kita depan ruma awak".

A bit shocked cause she didn't tell me she's coming.
Tayar kereta Cha got flat and ask me to teman her go home and change the car.
She drove her mum's car and the tayar got flat.

Kesian Cha. Kejap je keluar suddenly the car broke down. Haha.
It funny when Cha came out and say Tayar-Pancit-Date with Qila.

I will see you soon okay ?
Aww, I have great holiday ;)

Lunch Date with Cha :)

Greeting everyone. 
Doing okay ?
Haha, I'm not. Bad bad mood today :(

Well, I'm not here to talk about my mood. Teehee. It will heal next morning. Insyallah.

I'm posting a not-so-short post about my gegirl here :)
This is Ellisya Edith Ahmad Zaki.

This is Cha.
My oh-so-cute-girl <3

She is my bestfriend after Nabila, Elly and Naza :)
I love this cute little girl.
The girl who will always be there to cheer you up. 
She is adorable ;)

We went out yesterday. It was a short noticed actually.
We plan on lunch at 2 PM. 
Instead of going out at 2 PM, Cha woke me up at 11 something in the morning and wanted to have an early lunch date.
Soooooooo, I was very late. Cause she's ready to go +.+

Had a not-so-quick shower sampai boleh terjatuh and I swear my butt got bruises. Haha.
Careless me, as always.

As I was saying, we plan to go KL Festival City cause we never been there.
Cha pick me up in a heavy rain. Kesian Cha drive hujan lebat. 
KLFC is like 10 minutes away from Melawati. 
Soon arrived there, park and look for a place to eat.

Cha asked me to decide where to eat.
So I choose Cinamon Box. The place it's very cozy. I love it.

Cam-whore part 2 :)

Even the food wasn't actually nice.
But what I love about yesterday is we could actually talk and laugh.
I really miss you.
Really miss you guys. 
Hopefully we can gather more people like we used to :D !

Cha is my life saver. I owe you big my lil girl ;)

Drove back to my house around 3 something. 
A little bit of cam-whoring in the toilet and the car. Awww, I really miss that. We used to do all the time during school days ;)

Cam-whore part 3 :)

Till then,
xoxo <3


Greeting and Happy Friday everyone :D !

Friday been treating you good ?

I'm happy and full. Had my branch around 1 just now.

I can't go out because I have to wait for my sister to come home from Segamat.
Spoiler betul.

Nothing much to say when I'm freaking bored. 
I'm home alone. Diba left with Aiza to KLFC which I've been there with Cha yesterday, it's awesome :D !
Oh speaking of yesterday. I have a lot to say here. Heeeee, excited much !

Got stuff to do but too lazy to do it.
So, I'll be doing all chores when I get a lil bit rajin :D

Okay, I need to settle few thing. 
Be back soon ! 
C yea :)