Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sweetheart :)

Hello and greetings :D !

I am the happiest woman alive. Cehh, haha.

I'm happy and I'm touched :)

Sayang came by just now. I fell asleep right after you wall me on Facebook.
Sorry sayang lambat. Hehe.
The reason he came is just to apologize about what happened last night.
Awww, isn't he sweet ?
You asked me to come to Damai, but I was late and it's raining.
You called and told me to wait for you
You drove from Damai to pick me up.
You said you wanna eat, a light food.
Because Along said you're going to have dinner with your cousins.

Stop by at McDonald's Melati.
Prosperity make you feel very happy and chubby.

Drove me back home, safely.
You make me feel very safe when you hold my hand while driving.
I love you Sayang <3

I miss you the minute I step my feet out of the car.
I feel like hugging you right now.

You make me feel very safe when you came down here just to say you're sorry and you miss me.
Guess what Sayang ?

I miss you more than what you experienced now.