Thursday, December 1, 2011


Yello is my another word for Hello.
Greeting everyone :'D
Happy 1st December, almost over actually. Teehee.

I'm alone :O

To be frank, I have nothing else to do. 
I feel very sleepy cause I have nothing to do.
And, to be exact. I'm alone.
What more can I actually do.
No one home, 
No one to talk too.
I have no life.
I'm aware.
Stop judging world.
You ain't perfect either.

Kbye, see you when I see you :)

Psst : Mood swing because of boredom. Sorry.

Good Morning :)

Good morning December :)

Greeting everyone. 
Hakim sleep late today. Jeez, ngada betul.
Mia still at home. Her shift start at 1. She will leave me soon. 
How miserable I am right now :(

Okay, enough whining.

I had the scariest dream ever. Where I was in a exam room, trying to finish the exam. Suddenly someone who happens to look like chucky in Child Play came down from the roof and started to stab people. 

Bodoh gila mimpi macam ni. Bangun terkejut as usual. Cis, why do I have this dream ? Damn !

psst : Sorry.