Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tomorrow is December :)

Am welcoming December,

May all my wishes come true.
Every time I think of December, it will remind me much about Hakim.

The 24th and 25th December dates with you.
Bring back the old memories. 
Awww, I'm melting now :O !

I'm hoping for something good, something guewy, something extravagant, something extraordinary.

Semoga Allah memberkati semua umatnya. Dengan lebaran dan buku baru ini :)

psst : Hakim, qila misses you ;)

Bye November :)

Hello November,


You been treating me good.

What's on November that I personally love about ?

1. My birthday - On 17 Nov, celebrate with Sayang at KLCC. We had our moments, *cantstopsmilling :)

2. Final Exam - From 21 until 25 Nov. Which is I've done great. Even I kinda drop out a bit. 

3. My 11 monthsary with Sayang. On 25 Nov. Thank you Hakim for being there when I'm at my worst look.

4. Yesterday's movie date. 29 Nov. The greatest movie which I adore the most. You melt me with the things you said and done. I love you like a million times more than you do.

And, now, today. 
November 2011 going to end, in another few hours from now. 

Welcoming December 2011. 
My very first anniversary with Hakim :)