Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heads Up,

That Australia thing freak the hell out of me.
Tsktsk :'(
Sorry for the faces I've made.
You gave me a big shock there.
I honestly said, I almost cry.
I had that butterflies in my stomach, and got hold up because you're around.
I still think about it.
I miss you. 
I love you is much more important.
Please don't leave me Sayang :(

Found it :D !

The perfect wedding song,

The part when they say I do <3

This song came up. Oh, I melt just now ;) !

Found the song :D !

I love the dress. Aww, they are so sweet :)

Ze Best Date Ever ;)

Greeting Malaysian and pretty ladies out there :) !

Define : The Best Date Ever. 
When he pay you more attention that you ever asked for.

Went out to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 at GSC Pavilion.
It was superbawesome :D !

I love Bella's wedding dress. It is so pretty :D !
Adore the movie, Bella and Edward and 
Carlisle Cullen is so Handsome ! 

Okay, this is kinda weird right ? 
I, me, Qila watch Twilight. 
Okay, let me be frank. I used to hate Twilight. Hehe, before this I once said. 
This movie was over fantasy. But that one day, I watch back to back Twilight on HBO if I'm not mistaken and I fall for it and I just can't wait to see what happened.

So, this is me. Excitedly writing this over :D
Boo me for few second. Hee, I loved it. I made my boyfriend download it for me. So that I can watch it over and over again without getting bored over it. 
Jeez, qila mellowish gila -.-'