Sunday, November 27, 2011


I agree on whatever he's saying.
But I just not ready to face these stages.
Sayang, you mean the world to me. 
I promise you to promise me right ?
You remember that, always and forever.

She Left Me :(

All alone at home is ain't cool.
Hopefully Hakim take me out tonight. 
I'm eff bored -.-'

Waiting for check in. 
With me, Diba and Mak.

This morning, woke up at 7, take shower, get ready and took off.
It's just long way to KLIA.
Aj left today. 
She's in Sarawak now.
Working as Boutique Exec there at Pandora, Sarawak
*incase you didn't know what Pandora mean, just click the link there.

She said, and I made her promise that the first bracelet will be mine. 
Lots of love, be safe. Hugs <3

Happy Day :)

Just for you Nana Sayang :)

It's your happy day.
Happy 1 year and 7 monthsary Sayang :)
You guys are so cute.

I'm happy when you are.
Hopefully you guys will last longer.
I love you :) *hugskisses

Happy 27 day to the both of us.
Psst : Happy 1 year and 4 months Sayang <3


He has the longest and the prettiest eyelashes.
I'm jealous :(

11 months :)

elevenmonthsandtwodays ;)
We're getting there and lot more to come. 
Sayang, god know how much I love you.
Maybe you haven't realize this.
You been there for me when I realize my friends left me bit by bit.
You we're there for me, even do you can't be my best friend. 
But I'm surely know that you can be, the best keeper.
Of all those memories we cherish. 
I wish to make a book over it.
So that I won't get bored reading it every night before I sleep if you're not around.

You taught me a lot about life, 
You tell me we need to sacrifice over love and life.
It's a lot to adapt, but I will try.
I will surely did.

You are my everything,

Maybe one day,
You're going to leave me "Die or Left"
I'm not going to die (kill myself just for you) over you when you left one day. 
I made promises to myself.
That I'm going to go thru my life even when you're not around or no longer with us.
I'm going to stood up for myself.
I'm going to take whatever you said now and complete my journey.
You're the key to my life.

But for now, 
I live my life for you.
I promise to love you, and you promise to not let go.

I love you so much Sayang ;)