Friday, November 18, 2011

This year,

This year birthday was nothing like last year birthday.

But I'm grateful this year because I actually get to celebrate it with my one and only love ; Hakim.
It was simple, spontaneous and romantic. 
And it's a major turn on :D.

Yesterday was my day. You we're too patient with me. You took a good care of me when I get tired walking to much. You smile when I pissed you off. Hehe, 
I'm sorry sayang. I love you so much.

For the wishes I get, thank you so much. I appreciated every single wishes. 
Even the tissue Dila made for me.
Thank you so much :D

Psst : I'm nineteen and I'm grateful <3

By Mama,

Sincerely by Mama.

While waiting for Mia. Mama ask me to go and buy myself a cake. But I don't want cake. So I bought brownies. Thanks Ma,

Hafiz and Iid,

To ; Hafiz and Iid.

Thank you for cheering me up yesterday. Thank you for being patient enough when I'm around. Thank you for noticing I'm not in a good mood yesterday afternoon. 
You guys are the best. 

Love, qila :)

19 years old :)

Official nine-teen years old.

Hi, my name is Aqilah and I'm happy cause he's there with me yesterday.

For the cards you've made. For the roses you scattered. I love you Sayang ;)

For my birthday,
It may not be the one that I wish. But it's the memories that I may count until I die.
Thanks again Sayang, for the wishes, for the card and roses. 
I love you unconditionally. I hope you do too.
I'm happy enough when you're around but still can't get enough of you.

Psst : To Dila. You make me sad due to debate yesterday. But thank you for the tissue. Simple, and sincere. Sentimental value. 

Don't worry guys, I'll keep whatever gift yang you guys bagi :D