Sunday, November 6, 2011

Elly Mysara Nazapuddin ;)

Elly on the left.
Psst : Kak Nabila, sorry curi gambar Raya. 

Elly Mysara, has been my classmate since form 3 until form 5.
We sat next to each other. We're the jukebox movable machine music. We're the laugh booster in the class.
Takda kita, class sunyi je.
One day without her in the class is like me without my voice.
I miss you so much. 
How I wish you could be there on my birthday. 
We don't have your Facebook cause you said it difficult to make one or even staying in it. 
You're just so far away. It is so hard to reach you.
I miss my Elly Jepun so much that I cried while typing this all down :'(

We're so close together back then. Me, you, Naza, Nabila and Lisya.
How I wish you guys knew how I feel. 
How I wish I could stop everyone from being busy and plan a short vacay for us. Just us. 
I miss you guys so badly !

Psst : Why do you have to be so far away :(
I miss my Elly Bellaly !

Terbaik Untukmu,

I once told you. I tak pernah cuba untuk jadi perfect untuk sesiapa. 
Cuma I ingin jadi yang terbaik untuk orang yang I sayang.

I mungkin susah nak dijaga, degil untuk mendengar. 
Tapi I cuba. Cuba untuk buat you tersenyum. Macam selalu.
I love you Sayang ;)

Always need and want you by my side. Always Sayang.