Sunday, October 30, 2011

Second lover,

Evenings uolls :)

Waiting for Sayang actually. 
And suddenly I discovered his song in ERA.FM's chart.

Let me introduce to the world, 
My second lover. I love him like since forever. 
Hehe, I love the voice, the look. Melting !

His not so new song,

Cinta Harus Memiliki. 

Just wanna say, me and Sayang's prove them wrong. Siapa cakap kalau tak da chemistry you can't go far in a relationship or maybe looking forward for a serious one ?

Someone once told me, me and Hakim tak boleh tahan lama cause we're totally different. I mean yea, I gotta admit that. We're different in every aspect. We don't have that lovey dovey chemistry. We're 360 beyond different. 
I hates what he love, and 
I love what he hates. 

It's quite hard to be in my position. In our position, I don't like what he loves. And the other way around. But, we prove you wrong. 
With good communication and understanding Alhamdulillah we're turning 11 months in few weeks.
I love him unconditionally, that's all. 

Loves, trust, commitment is all I need from you Sayang. 


I never plan to be perfect. 
Nor I know I'm not perfect and even if I tried to be one I wouldn't be. Call me negativity or whatever shit you wanna say. I'm still on my own. 

I'm not perfect, I don't want to be perfect. I just want to try to be the best for someone I cared and loved. Such as my parents, my main priority. Also my boyfriend. You guys are everything to me. I would anything for you guys <3

I don't expect to be perfect, I never tried. We can't be perfect at all time my dear. Less of expectation, more on trying so hard ;)


Sayang cakap Ramsey handsome ? 
"Sayang" cakap <---
Sound kinda weird, but I'm gonna live with that.

He's okay la. Haha.

But likely, 
I love Persie more than Ramsey. Hehe, jangan marah sayang.
TAPI, I love you more Sayang. That's more important.