Friday, October 28, 2011


Who Am I To Say ?

Who am I to say you love me ?

P/S : One three hill :)

Unwanted ;)

Gretting everyone :)
Thank god it's Friday everyone :D

While waiting for Hakim to reach home I just want to make a short shout out.

Something to keep in mind, something I always wanted to beard it in my mind. A look out for me, precaution for me to stand up still one find day.

For me.
"It's okay to have a lot of friend"
"It's okay not having you're best friend beside you when you need them"
"It's okay if you're alone dealing with chaotic situation"
"It's okay to cry"
"It's okay not to be okay"
"It's okay not having ANY single BFF"

Cause after all, they never care. Never care about my feeling, my thought, and my pendirian.

You're not my friend, you're my best friend. I'm counting on you, since the day we make promises to each other. But I guess, you never care. Sooo, that's all. 

Hakim's home, toodles. And see you soon.

P/s : I'm not mad or angry at anyone. Or whatsoever you wanna called it. I'm just plain, dull and unwanted.

Lastly, I'm so glad he's with me whenever I want him, and wherever I want him. Thank you sayang <3