Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Months,

Like usual, 
We went out celebrating our monthsary's.
Having lunch at KLCC, and send you to Masjid Jamek cause you want to go back to Lenggeng  for holidays.
Few days without you. I will find myself VERY miserable :( *tsktsk

You know what Hunny,
I can't never explain how I love you, and why I love you so much ?
I love you without any question pass by.
I miss you even you're 10 feet away.
I promise I'll be good.
I promise I'll take a good of myself.
I promise, I'm not gonna lie or cheat on you.
I hope you do too.

And, lastly I promise I'm going to love you as long as I live <3

Noya Noya

Awak dimadukan oleh budak kecik ni :D :D
Noya noya, I love Noya <3

Who doesn't love Noya the Kepochi <3

Nur Alliya Adini.