Sunday, October 16, 2011

He is We :)

Pretty please, 
Can you be that guy in the video Sayang ?
Be the guy who will always be there for me, pada masa I sakit atau sihat.
I'm counting on you to be there, I'm hoping for you to stand right next to me. 
I love you dearly Muhammad Nur Hakim Bin Ismail <3

Each Other,

I can't go a day without hearing you're voice.
Nothing can break us up.
You're the soul in me, you live inside me. 
You know how I feel, you know what I want, you know what I need.
I don't usually make any promises to people, but with you it's different.
I promise myself that I wouldn't do anything to hurt you.
I promise not to leave you.
In hope, 
that you would do the same. 
I know you would do the same too.

I put a lot of expectation on this relationship starting from 27 July 2010, the day I talk to you on Facebook.
I had a strong feeling that you're the one for me.
I never gave up trying to get you. Until the day you proposed me ;)

I know I've been hurt you for so many times, but honestly I never tend to do so.
I love you, I care for you, I would do anything for our sake.
I'm gonna miss you. Everyday. Every minute. Every second.
You're too important to me.
What I'm going to do when you're not around ?
Stick to your promises, I'll do mine.
I love you so much sweetheart.


Where would I find someone like you ?
Why would I even think about what people said ?
I love you answered every doubt in you.
Stop doubting, start caring Hunny ;)
You know I love you sweetheart <3