Saturday, October 15, 2011

Forehead Kisses,

One kiss that keep me safe whenever I'm around you.

Forehead kisses that make me feel calm enough to go thru my days  ;)

304 Post,

It's 15 October 2011.

We're turning 10 months together in few days.
From me to you, sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

I know you knew everything that I'm going to say here,
For the past 9 months, 2 weeks and 6 days, I found myself getting more matured than who I am on 25 December 2010. My appreciation on you is big. I realize so many things today. While cooking dinner, I've been told by myself that ;-

1. I'm TOO lucky to have someone who loves me so much that he would do anything for me.
2. You cried in front of me just to let me know how sincere you are to me and this relationship.
3. You're jealousy overcome youself because you had put on to much expectation on me.
4. That you would rather spend your whole day with me without thinking about anyone else.
5. That you would do anything for our future.
6. You taught me a lot about relationship, lagi banyak kita gaduh/argue lagi matang kita menghadapi hubungan ni.
7. That you love me even without or with make up.
8. You taught me not to give up whenever I get hurt-ed by people around me.
9. You taught me to be strong, that everything I face now is Ujian from Allah swt.
10. You promise me to wipe my tears, gonna be there to hold my hand and smile even when I'm in worst position and tried so hard to make me smile.

Nothing else matter but you, now I've realize I should stop being selfish for some particular. Be ready to face all test by Allah, the more I get it the more matured I will be
I promise myself I would never cry because of you, and will never make you cry because of me :)