Thursday, September 29, 2011

Puas ?

Someone asked me, 

Are you happy ? 
It kinda make me think closely before I even answered her question.
Am I happy ? Or do I look happy ?
And I said, yeah. I'm happy. As long as I'm able to make people happy.
Their happiness is equal to my happiness.

I thank Allah for my family. For Mak, Ayah, and my pretty siblings. 
It's lie if I said we never fight or I never said "I hate you guys". Sometimes I do hate them, they get into my nerves BIG time ! But whatever happened. They are my family. My life is with them, without them I don't know how to live. I will never discover smile, tears, betrayed, hate. They are my happiness, my sadness, my everything. 

I puas dengan apa yang I ada. I redha dengan ujian Allah. Semoga aku dan keluarga aku dilimpahi rezeki. Insyallah. I love you guys <3

Hello World,

Hello pretty, 

Just want to share with you guys few stories. Hari ni letih sangat. Aj resign, and she's HOME :D
She reach home at 1 something, she asked me to siap siap and we went out to pick up her offer letter at RHB Jalan Tun Razak. 
Finish everything at RHB around 4, drove to Pavilion, park at valet Fahrenheit. Walk to Pavi for lunch and do some shopping there. 
Before balik ruma, lepak NZ KLCC, just to avoid jam orang balik kerja. Jumpa kawan Aj, Jaja. Talk, chit chat, gossip to the max then we decide to go home. Before balik pegi Ampang Park, buy Mcd, Hakim's dinner. I tau dia letih few days ni. So bought big mac, hantar pegi Damai. Then balik :)

And I'm here now. I'm in writing mood actually, don't feel so good. I feel bad, I feel sad. I dunno why. Hurm.
Gonna wrote soon, see you.