Tuesday, September 27, 2011


You have to take the good with the bad,
smile with the sad, 
love what you got and remember what you had, 
always forgive, 
but never forget,
learn from your mistake, 
but never regret, 
people change,
things could go worst,
just remember,
whatever happened,
life must goes on.

Ne-Yo :D

In love with his voice !
Can die like this :D 

I love this song, even da berzaman la jugak -.-'

Sad thing is I can't found a way to download this songs.
4shared takda, iMesh lagi la takda.
How ? Sedih gila. Hari hari bukak youtube -.-'


Sometimes, I want you to be the one who called me in the middle of the night just to say "I love you" without even bother thinking that I might be mad or tired. I promise I'll smile in my sleep, and in my dream.

Sometimes, I want you to be that person who will call me before you go to sleep. You usually call me when you woke up. And I love when you do that. I feel safe, happy, and mostly love. 

Sometimes, I want you to be there to just listen to what I'm going to say, without cutting my word off, without arguing whether I'm wrong or right, without even trying to solve it. I just want you to listen. And smile even I'm at the worst position. I just want you to hold my hand and tell me "everything's going to be okay" also with a warm hugs.

Sometimes, when we fight over small topic. I hate to see you're look down on me like everything it's my fault. I just want you to know we cannot blame each other when we fought, we make mistake, we both does. But we never care to speak out. Because of our ego. And at the end of the day, I know I'm the one who's going to cry myself to sleep. 

Sometimes, I just want silent to heal us up when you raised your voice, even you're telling me you're not mad. To me you are. You're doing it. The way you look at me, the tone of voice, the words that you choose. Everything seems so wrong and hurtful to me. 

Sometimes, I just want to cry when I make mistake, right in front of you. So that you can see how regret I am with my mistake. When I cry, I just need you to consult me and tell me you forgive me. 

Sometimes, you can be that person who I madly in love with. 

Sometimes, you can be that person who I just want to strangle and yell "Go Die !"

Sometimes, when I don't feel like talking. I talk to myself. I'm talking inside. Forgive me, for the faces I have made, forgive me when I don't want to look at you. Forgive me, when you feel I'm ignoring everything you said. Truly, I never tend to ignore you. This is me, I don't want to say things when I don't feel like it. Cause I know, bad thing going to happens, bad choices of word will come out from my mouth. When I never mean to do so.

Sometimes, I just need you to hold my hand, look at me, and just silent. Without saying anything. Let our eyes and heart speaks. We hardly do that these days.

Sometimes, I have that feeling that you don't care about me, nor my words. 

Sometimes, you asked me to share few stories with you, mostly about my past. But you don't have that look that you're trying to listen and have a heart to actually feel what I'm going to say. That's why I don't usually share with you. Usually, I've been forced to do so. I'm sorry. I hardly feel comfortable with you now days.

Sometimes, I showed my shyness. Even when you're telling me. "We're 9 months already." But I still have that kind of feeling. Just like you. Just like what you said just now. 

Sometimes, I miss the moment we sat at Taman KLCC, with ice cream or drinks beside us. Just keep on talking and laughing. I still remember the day you cried. I miss every moments we shared together. I can't feel that moments anymore. My heart says I'm losing you, but my body says I only have your body, not your soul.

Sometimes, I miss our late night conversation up till 6 freaking AM. Haha, datang class mata bengkak -.-'

Sometimes, I miss having breakfast together. I miss trying so hard to call to wake you up till 66 miss calls or more on your phone. You get up easily now days and I'm glad you're changing.

Sometimes, I wish to be a better person. 

Sometimes, I wish I could handle critical things without you telling me how. It's not that I don't need you, It's just that I want to be independent. What I'm going to do when you're not here with me one day ? 

Sometimes, I wish I could be stronger.

Sometimes, I wish you be proud of who I am now.

Sometimes, I wish I can change drastically.

Sometimes, I wish I can the person you dreamed off, cause I know you're trying to change me into something good. I see your point, I see your good deed, I see everything in you. 

Sometimes, I hate myself for hurting you.

Sometimes, I wish I'm perfect for you.

Sometimes, how I wish everything I asked come true.

And somehow, I have to stop here.

Lastly, I just want to know that I will always love you. Fo rever ! I love you Muhammad Nur Hakim Bin Ismail <3

1 Year and 2 Months,

Hello 27 September 2011 :)

We met again. 
Me and Hakim went out today. Since I finish my class at 9.30 this morning. So I decided to ask him out. Well, qie kan ?
I got bored and I don't want to go home. Lunch at Pizza Hut Pavilion. We had Chicken Supreme if I'm not mistaken. Like usual. I get stuff easily, so I only have 2 pieces only. He have to finish up another 4 pieces and of course he's hungry. Confirm melantak :D

Since I didn't plan to got out today, so I have no idea what to do. We kinda wondering around at Pavilion also KLCC. I suggested we watch movie, BUT it's a bad bad timing for me. I don't want to go home late. So yeah, we kinda have nothing else to do than sitting around and walking around without any hala tuju. Sorry sayang.

Can I ?

Can I do this ?

I don't want to care about others, 
cause they never tend to care about me. 
About my feelings,
So, why do I have to be so generous and be precious thinking about them ?

Sorry, for some reason. I want to stay away from you.