Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blood 'love'

Marah la sebanyak mana pun,
Tapi I tetap juga sayang you.
Sampai bila bila.
I love you Hunny.

Tak pernah I benci you sayang. 
I love you so much :(

Advanced !

Since I'm not well and don't have the mood to stay up *think you know why, so I wrote short notes before you leave :)

Oh oh, lupa. This is for Miss Iidreen Onn Jaafar !

BIG SHOUT OUT to this girlfriend !

Sexay makwe ;)

Happy becoming 19 baby :D

Haha, khayalan semata mata -.-' 

Me love you, 
On your happy day, I want you to know 
How grateful I am to have you as my bff's. Hehe. 
I wish you all the best. 
I pray for your happiness. For you and your mum *mama you rock ! 
I hope you will found someone you wish for *ehem ehem I read your blogzz. Hahah.
Happy HOLS ! Hope you will have a great great birthday + holiday. *holiday sekali untuk I :D
Of all my wrong doing, please forgive me. Every action and words that came out from my mouth is non of my intention. I would never ever ever want to hurt you.
Insyallah, you can beat DNM based on our project. *Ceh ceh !

I think that all from me, I guess. Lot more to come. Tapi macam mengantuk. Hehe, sooooooo. 
I just want you to have fun there, and stop worrying about others than yourself. Be good. Haha. Jangan notty notty :p

Night lovies, love you !

I prefer,

Just got back from Laila's house at Taman Shamelin.

Whenever you feel angry, do stay away or just walk away from me. I rather not seeing you. Cause I don't want to be that person you yelled at without any reason, or me just sitting there come up to load more of your anger. I rather see you walk away, and let me sit there crying.
Just let me be me, we go our way. 

I just want you to start talking to me when you're in good shape.
I hate when you raise your voice, to you it's nothing. To me, you're angry at that time. And I do not want to be there. Facing you.

Is not that I don't want to be there. It's just that I can't face you up, cause I know, something bad might happens if I stay.

Sincerely, my heart says it all. I just wrote it all over again. 


How I wish you knew how I feel,
How I wish you would be there when I need your hug,
How I wish you knew what you should do when I cried,
How I wish you knew what I'm going to say,
How I wish things could go back like they we're.

How I wish, you concern about me.

Just like before.