Saturday, September 17, 2011

Used to.

People change whether its to a bad thing or a good thing right ?
Or maybe sometimes people change just to piss you off.

And as for me, for some people who are close enough to me change big time !
And I personally hate it, which I don't say it straight to her face, cause she will end up crying and never talk to me again. SO blah ! Whatever. I'll just have to wear my poker face and pretend like nothing happened.
I always do that didn't it.

I use the terms "Used To" because I just want you to know that,
I personally want you to know that
I used to love you
I used to cover you ass
I used to lie for you
I used to be the person who you would yell without reason
I used to be your slave
I used to respect you
I used to stand up for you
I used to be there when you need someone to talk too
I used to stay up all night just to listen to you.

Yes, I'm stupid enough to be that kind of person. And starting for now, everything stop here. We can talk, but I would never be that person you knew back then.

When I use the word "USED". I hope you understand, that I no longer LIKE you.
Deeply, but like I said, I will wear my poker face mask, and pretend everything is fine.
Just to make you happy,
I just want you to know, sometimes I make decision just to make people happy not based on my happiness.

Sincerely, your secret hater.


And, I'm back :)

Usually I don't read people's blog. UNLESS, they are like super special to me. 
Actually baru hari ni I bukak lappy and actually online thru it. Biasanya online thru phone je. Hee, keep on browsing here and there. Bla bla. Tetiba tergerak hati nak bukak blog and actually read it. 

Let just say, I'm bored and I need something to fill up my days, ingat nak update blog. But before that baca dulu. 
And I bukak Iddy's blogspot. I'm touch about what you say. Thank you for your attention. Thank you for looking back of what we had. I seriously appreciated it. And it makes me turn clueless and I have no words to say. I'm shock cause I thought you never care and stuff. We had our crisis day past few weeks. 
We don't talk much, cause I been busy with college stuff. Sue me for being over joyed about it, when I'm not. College sucks ! 

You're turning 19 this 21 Sept. You're a big girl now, even you look so small. Hehe.
It kill me when we don't talk to each other, 
thank you for having me, 
thank you for helping me, 
thank you for saving my ass, 
wipe my tears, lean on your shoulder when I needed
Thank you for everything you have done.
I will always love ya best friend. *hugs !


Hello, and greeting everyone.

How are you ? Been doing good ? How's school, college or work ? Been busy ?

And as for me, I been ignoring you for the past few weeks. I had my mood swing, I had my busy day, I had my busy life, packed up schedule and I'm tired. 

I know I don't talk much here and there. I'm sorry.
I don't have that writing mood to tab whatever I want. So, that's all for now. 

I have a lot to tell, I just don't have that time and mood. 
Okay, see you when I miss you. XX