Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jump ?

After my class, I went out to see Hakim. Have our lunch at KFC. On the way down, at the escalator. He suddenly look down and say

Him : If I jump, would you jump too ?
Me : No ! Why would I jump ? I still want to live. I will can an ambulance for you. Cause I don't want you to die. *Smiling. Siapa nak jaga I nanti ?
Him : *Laughing.

You manage to make me happy while I'm sad. You tend to make silly jokes so that I would smile. You will make me happy in any way. You're trying to change me from bad to good and I'm improvising. I thank you for all you're effort.
I wouldn't want you to leave me. Even for a single minute. I love you sayang.
I always do. Always have. Always will.

Deeply from : Your future wife ;)