Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding Songs :)

Listen :D

Kaulah Segalanya by Hazrul Nizam.

Boleh tak on my wedding day I want this songs to be play, over and over again.
Even lagu ni da lama sangat :D
Lagu ni sweet sangat I can die :(

Kaulah Segalanya
Kau mahu bak segala
Cinta yang ku dahaga
Kehadiran dirimu
Menyinari maka semua hatiku

Kaulah segalanya
Yang menyinari hidupku kasih
Hanya satunya
Yang kucintai

Hulur tanganmu kasih
Sambut cintaku
Jangan tinggalkan daku
Seorang diri
Tak sanggup lagi dilukai oh..

Maafkan daku
Jika salahku
Peristiwa yang pernah ku alami dulu
Aku tahu betapa pahit
Mu menerima sejarah hidupku oh..

Kaulah segalanya
Yang menyinari hidupku kasih
Hanya satunya
Yang kucintai

Sambutlah cintaku
Jangan kau pergi dari sisiku
Cintaku padamu
Ikhlas sejati
Cintaku padamu
Ikhlas sejati

Girls :)

Beautiful moment :D
Good life.
Making stupid faces.
Holding hands.
Hugs and kisses.
Best friend FORever :).
How I miss this moment :(

Cause I'm bored :O

Can I borrow you for 5 minutes Hunny ? 

Sudden Death :(

RIP Amy Winehouse.

Police confirmed that this talented 27 years old female was pronounced dead at her house.

A bee-hived, soul-jazz diva. 

OMG, I love her so much. I used to have all of her songs on my playlist.
Okay I have to say, I am a big fan of her. Not die hard fan. But I love her song. 
Who is she ? Amy Winehouse. She's very talented, she wrote her on song, her voice kills you, been in showbiz since the age of 10. Can you do that ?

You know what actually pissed me off. 
That for some people, they are actually cheering for her death. What are you trying to do ? Show up your stupidity ?  Eff her if she's a bad influence. You're forgot to mention some other artist who is actually showing a bad bad influence. 

What I mad about is, you're laughing of her death. Manusia apa tah kau ni ? One day if you die, you tengok orang gelak dekat you, Seronok ?  EFF you man !

I love jazz. She is my first jazz diva I loved. Now she's gone. RIP pretty woman. 

You know man, show some respect. If you don't like her, its okay. It never a right thing to laugh when someone died. Even she did something really bad when she's alive.