Sunday, July 17, 2011

Red Baby :D

Say hello to my new red baby <3

Bought it last Monday.
On the 11 July 2011. 


I forgot to mention.
I'm on my holiday. I ended my semester four already. 
I have two weeks of sitting and doing nothing at home *so lifeless.

For the past few days, Iddy save me from my bored land. We went out, having fun, laugh. Went to Hakim's house together. I have to say it's a nice get-away.

Went to KL to chilling around, have a nice girly talk at Starbucks. On Thursday she came again. We went out on Friday afternoon, have our lunch at JJ, Wangsa Maju. On Saturday went to Lenggeng with my parents, Mia and Iddy. It was fun, even do sesat sampai rumah Hakim. 

It was nice seeing his family, they look very happy. Not to mention - His sister is so freaking pretty. Hmm, Happy Newly Wed Kak Arfah :D

Overall, my weekend ended with some shits. I don't want to talk about it, cause it will pissed me off. Hmm, 
I'll see you when I miss you aite ?

Show me,

Can someone teach me something ?
Something simple,
Something fresh,
Something that I used to do all day long.

Do enlighten me with A SMILE 
I forgot how to curve a smile on my face. 
Everything seems wrong. 
I'm not in a good mood. 

Psssst : Can somebody teach me how to smile ? 

Hell - O

Hello and greetings nice people :)

Practically, this is me. My condition in these mean time. 
I hope you understand.

I'm sorry I didn't write much these days.
Maybe because I'm not myself lately. Hurm, I think so. 
I don't know what to babble here you see. 
So I'll see you when I miss you.