Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm not mad,

Greetings Malaysia. 
How are you ? Had your lunch already ?  Doing good ? Good then.

If you read my timeline at Twitter you may see me crapping, fuck up here and there. Well actually, I'm not mad nor angry. But truly, I'm just disappointed.


For some people, I say SOME people only. MONEY, means heck a life time to them. MONEY, seems everything to them. THEY wants and needs money badly like money is some sort of their pulse or heartbeat or something.
THAT, they would die without it. 
Let me tell you something ! NOfreakingBODY died over "NO MONEY !" situation. Fuck I hate you !
NOT one doctor gonna write on your sijil kematian say "Mati disebabkan TIDAK ADA DUIT."

Look around you, for people who HAVE money, doesn't seems to care about their money. 
BUT when it come to some other people yang PERASAN kaya ni, when the see money. Macam jumpa jantan bersepah tengah bogel !

It's true what people say, people would do anything for money. People would die for money. People would go against you for money. Everything they do is for money. Ingat Allah. YourFREAKINGmoney. Tak bawak masuk kubur. 

That's all from me. Thanks.

Pssst : Please excuse my words.