Saturday, June 25, 2011

6 Months,

It's 25 June 2011.

That's mean, six months with my love Muhammad Nur Hakim. 
Hunny, through thick and thin. Thank you for everything you have done. I appreciate every single bit that you have done to me. Your words, your action, everything. Even that tiny things matter sayang. 
I give you my heart, so that you could keep it, glued it and patch on your heart, so we would stick together. No matter what happened. I will always be on your side. To hold your hand, to comfort you, listening to you. Anything, you name it. In one condition, that you wouldn't cheat or lie. That's all it takes Hunny. I love you so much. 
I love you Hunny :*

Without you,

Late post,

Four days without hearing nothing from you is just frustrating. I miss you badly. I know you would miss me more than I do,
Myself there without you is just like a plain paper. Nothing, at all. I miss youu so much :(

From Bandung with LOVE,

Hello, greetings you all.
How are you doing ? 

Well, as for me. I just got back from my holiday at Bandung. 4 days and 3 nights with my beloved mama and sissy's <3.
Starting from 21 June 2011 until 24 June 2011. 

Overall, the trip was fine, relaxing, and so on. Tho, there's a lot of miss communication but still I manage to hide it with (:D) *A smile. It's just so me right ? Well, I'm here to pleased people. So why not, make people happy is never a crime. Making a total torture to our self is a good things tho ;)

That's all from me. Still tired. Photos has been post on Facebook. Mind clicking them. 

I'll see you when I miss you.