Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flattered :D

To my little sweetes Iddy :D
Iidreen Onn,

I'm going to Bandung this tuesday for holidays. 
See, she misses me already :(
You are so sweet !

Pssst : She made this JUST for me !
Me gonna miss you more :D

Wanted !

Muhammad Nur Hakim Bin Ismail, 
sincerely from the bottom of my heart.
Rindu dating, lama tak dating kan sayang ?

I miss you,
I miss him,
I miss Hakim,
I miss Hunny,
I miss you this second
I miss you this minute
I miss you this hours,
I miss you now,
I miss you tonight,
I miss you today,
I miss you next morning,
I miss your next afternoon,
I miss you next evening
I miss you tomorrow,
I miss you the day after tomorrow,
I miss you this week
I miss you next week
I miss you everyday SAYANG :D

I miss you every second, minute, hours, days and months sayang :)
I'm yours truly,

I'll see you soon then, I see you tomorrow aite Hunny ? :*
Pssst : Good night sayang, have a nice sleep.