Saturday, June 18, 2011


Greetings, morning beautiful darlings :)

As you can see, I been very busy. Seen I hardly update my facebook and my baby bloggy.  Got a lot of thing to be done. Leak everywhere. Need to be patch up few things. I'm lost of my way here.

What's with the tittle on this post. Truth. To be truthful. 
Every story has a back story. You only listen to the good side of the story, you never knew the bad side of the story. So don't judge, don't discriminate if you don't know the real story.

It's true, what Hakim said to me "I felt sorry for you.". Not that sort of sorry like pathetic loser sorry, but sorry in terms of I can't live without few people. To be truthful, yes, I just CAN'T. Well at least I being truthful about it and just because I love them very much. And obviously I find myself very comfortable with them. So, there's nothing to be shame off. Sayang, I need them.