Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bring back,

Hello youngster :)

Bring back memories ? 

Me and him, our first fight together, when you fought with your bf it can be very funny, sad and happy at the same time. Cause on that moment all of those question marks popped up an answer, perfect and unexpected answer from your partner.

First fight ? Cause I have made the stupidest mistake ever. I'm so stupid, for tend to hurt him. Hunny, I harap you tak lupa the very first time we gaduh. Cause it bring TOO much memories, that time we're apart, hunny dekat Lenggeng. I pulak kat KL. Imagine love sickness, and missing-ness sickness at that time ? Oh myy, I can die. 

Heheh, dramatic kan ? Well, qie kan ? Nak tau mana jumpa all this conversation. Well, facebook kan ada this new system where all of your IM goes to your personal message on facebook. Dah tau lama da. Just baru tergerak hati nak baca, oh my god. I really miss that moment, you make me miss you so damn much. Kenapa la aku pegi baca ? 

With you're not here around, dengan esok I tak pegi class. Everything reminds me MUCH of you. Twitter pun penuh dengan nama awak Hunny. Grrr, I have gone mad, mad I tell you :( maybe because I miss you very much. I can't be an inch apart from you kan ? What am I without you Hunny ? I takut I collapse bila Hunny tak da dengan I. Cause I da terasa sunyi bila you tak da :(. Really make me wanna cry, cry baby. Hunny, sayang miss you so much. Tsktsktsk. Mana la awak hilang Hunny ? Kenapa tak online ? I boring, esok tak jumpa. Grrr. Sedih. Hmmmmm.

I love you Muhammad Nur Hakim Bin Ismail. See you when I miss you. *probably in few seconds more. :(