Monday, May 16, 2011

Maafkan qie,

Before qie tidur, qie nak mintak maaf sangat sangat for today, if qie tak cakap dengan you guys. Mood tak da, tak larat. Semua bercampur baur :(.

Maafkan qie okay ? Qie tak marah you all. Cuma tak da mood. Jangan fikir bukan bukan tau ? 
Time class pulak qie focus je kat lecturer. Malas nak bercakap sangat. Qie mintak maaf yee. Jangan terasa hati :(. Saya ikhlas :D


Hey yaaaa, :)

Monday blues ? I hate Monday's. Do you ? It suck badly cause I have classes until 6.30 PM.
Tell me about it, since I woke up this morning I couldn't stop swearing.
My body is so damn sore, I can't sit up straight, I didn't eat since morning, my feet hurts like tut.
I'm very sleepy in Information System class. Tak boleh focus after 1 hour and 30 minutes in the class. Class da la sejuk, dengan mata kembang :(. Lari mood nak belajar. I tried to understand it, tapi I da tak boleh. Sangat tak larat.

Being tired is my biggest distraction when I'm in class.

Nothing happened today, except Iddy didn't come to class. She got migraine, get well soon.
We decide our group for Cyberpreneurship. We had our second assignment on Information System. I enjoyed Miss Shamini's class. She is so nice. I love her. Ehem ehem, lupa pulak. Happy teacher's day Miss :D.

Got out from my last class at 6.45 PM, the sky look like it gonna cry in any minute, I wait for Hakim. Suddenly sky started to cry, heavily. Best mandi hujan. -.-' basah lencun, banjir Olan and Malindo. Seronok naik motor hujan. First time :D :D.

I'm off to bed now. See you when I miss you :)

Psssst : Happy Wesak day.