Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hi sayang ? 

First of all. I just wanted to tell you how much I thank you for ALWAYS being there for me. In anyway, you always been there for me. For good and bad things that ever happened to me, I know you want the best from and for me. I tau kalau Hunny tak bagi buat tu mesti Hunny just tak nak I menyesal.

After what happened just now, I tak boleh nak fikir. I terus call you, I need you. I need you to listen and support me. #CUKUP itu sahaja. Maybe I tak akan jumpa jalan penyelesaian. Tapi I cuma nak you ada dengan I, to be here with me and just listen. I tau you tak boleh advice I banyak sangat pasal benda ni. 
Tadi pun, you cuma nak I tidur and get over it. Hunny, I tried. But tears won't stop falling. It really torn me apart. I couldn't stop crying. I'm tired. I just want a hug, from anyone. I mean someone who really close to me. Maybe I need you the most. I miss your hug. :D
I cuma dengar cakap you je sayang sekarang ni. Lead me, cause I lost my direction on controlling my own steering. I need you to tell me what to do Hunny.

Glad and thankful that you have always been there for me. I owe Hunny BIG TIME. I don't want to lose you Hunny, I love you so much Hunny :)

Torn Apart.

Cukup terluka. 

How could you ? This is how you treat me. This is how you repay me ? I'm not asking for anything.

This is how you try to teach them ? What you did was so unacceptable. I couldn't breath and can't stop thinking about it. Maybe I over think about this, maybe. Just maybe, but the way you talked to me. I am very disappointed. Was so hurted. I never imagine, in a million years that you would say something like that to me.

I try to be strong, I really did. It effect me big time. I couldn't stop crying. One question popped in my head. "WHY ?". Kenapa ? Memang I marah, memang I sakit, tapi tak salah kan ? Kenapa perlu cakap macam tu sekali ? I tak faham. I tak habis fikir semua ni.

I tak boleh nak cakap banyak sangat, cause you're matter the most in my life. You meant so much in me. It just hurt me for TOO much. It really torn me apart. How could you ? :'(

Cakap banyak pun tak guna, you've said it. I akan simpan tu dalam kepala I, dalam hati I. If you want that to happens, keep on praying, insyallah one day you will get it. Amin.



Greeting peep's.

Good to be here, I praised Allah I'm still alive. Alhamdulilah.
How are you my dear friendly reader ? Hope you are all good, safe and sound :)

Well, as for me. I just got back from Pahang. Kg Cempaka, Lanchang if I'm not mistaken. Spent half of my days there with my friends, lecturer, juniors, and of course with my lovingly boyfriend. :D. Tired but happy. At least it last on for few hours together with them.

We volunteered to help one family a single mother who also is one of my classmate. It's her family.
I woke up kinda late this morning, 5.25 AM. It's kinda late cause I was supposed to be at college at 6.00 AM. Heheh, biasa la kalau da lewat. Mandi macam kilat !
Arrived at college at 5.45 AM. -.-' cepat gila kan ? TAPI, biasa la. Janji melayu. Baru ada 6 orang include me. Haish, semua tak sampai lagi. Organizer pun sama je. We waited for few minutes, then they came dengan muka macam kambing busuk, hehe. Biasa la orang lambat. Bus from MMU came, jump in fast. I sat, gossip, read my book "One night stand" reach climax of the story already. :D. Kinda ignored Hakim at first, cause he won't talk to me. Sebenarnya merajuk, hehe. Qie sorry Hunny. Love you.

Arrived Kampung Cempaka, Pahang at 8. 45 AM. Briefing by TM's. Later we had our breakfast and after we had our breakfast we started to helped around. I helped on washed the dishes, cooking, paint few walls. Even it's not that perfect, but at least I tried to help. It was my very first time doing things like this. "Gotong Royong at Kampung", memang orang KL. I tak da rumah kampung, so seriously this is like my first time tolong tolong macam ni, ramai ramai :D. There's more coming up after this, this kind of event. Thanks to Telekom Malaysia, Multimedia College for giving me this opportunity.

Thank you so much. God bless you. Amin. 
Ya Allah, pelihara hamba mu ya allah. Jauhkan mereka dari segala kemungkaran. Insyallah. Amin.

Adding : Sebagai sampingan, terima kasih kerana belanja kami semua. Masuk Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary,.