Saturday, May 14, 2011


Greetings folks :)

Someone asked me, dalam banyak banyak novel, which novel are my favorite ?

Easy bezy, it's one night stand by Julie Cohen. Yess, Julie Cohen wrote for Little Black Dress production.
I am surely in loved with her. 


Sangat bersabar.

Patience ? Sad ? Angry ? Disappointed ? or Crying ?
I know, I couldn't do anything cause things happened. There's nothing I can do to hit rewind and act like nothing happened. Hmmm. You know what bothers me the most that, 
I'm not allowed to get mad ?

Of all the things that happened. I kena sabar je, memang la kena sabar tapi I'm not allowed to say anything sebab nak kena jaga hati orang, nak jaga tatacara and bahasa I. Biar je I yang sakit, tapi nak tengok you happy. I pun memang happy kena macam ni. Safe some respect. I pun manusia. Kalau I sedih pun bukan you kisah, bukan boleh buat apa pun, da sedih. Nangis je lah. Da nangis sudah, you think I get over it ? You are so wrong. I am so sorry. I simpan dendam. Memang la sedih boleh happy, nangis boleh gembira, later. Tapi hormat la orang. 
There so many things yang I nak cakap, tapi tak boleh cakap lebih lebih. Nanti orang kata I cari publisiti murahan tulis macam ni. So, just nak bagitau you je. Jaga apa yang you cakap, apa yang you buat. Jangan buat benda yang you tak jangka I boleh buat. You never know what I'm capable of. 
Psst : Buat la ikut suka you, asal you happy. But bear the consequences la. :)

Till then, see you soon.


Kids these days. Grrr. 

Take a look at this video up here. Awwwww, it's very cute yet it's not good to have little babies doing those thing aite ?


How cool is that ?

Rainbow French Twist Hair. 
I loveeee <3

Hello :)

Hello beautiful people :)

I haven't been here for quite a long time aite ?

I'm sorry, I been busy with things around here. Class da start, on wednesday. Glad to see my classmates. I didn't perform well on my final last semester. Hope to do so this semester. It's my fourth semester. 
I apologize to my iddy, hafiz and angah sebab selalu tak da dengan you guys. I am so sorry. Forgive my words and my attitude babes. 

Psst : I will be writing more, soon. Xx