Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hello all. How are you ?

I'm all good, don't worry. Ignore my status n facebook aite.

Tadi just duduk and termenung sekejap, tetiba ayat ni keluar pulak dari fikiran sendiri "Kenapa susah sangat nak berubah, even after you tried so hard ?" 
Actually, I'm quite disappointed with myself, why is it so hard for me to change ? Why am I so stubborn ? Why can't I do things perfectly ? Why even with thousands of try out I still didn't get what I want ? Why is it so hard to understand ? 
And, all sort of things came out from my mind. There is too many. I am bit down after all of this question came up. It's not easy to be me. With all the pressures that has been given. I hate it when I don't perform well, in studies, in family, nor relationship or to myself. *sigh. I just don't know what to do, kinda running of ideas. Forgive me. 

Goodnight youngster, hoping tomorrow will be better than yesterday :)