Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Evening lovies, since it's not my bed time and it's STILL early so like yeah. Evening beauty :)

So, this going to be a short post kay. I promise, don't be mad :D

Psst : Just want to let it out. 
Errrmm, long time ago. You have you're family. But you turn your back on your siblings. Now, you only have your friends. Baru suda baca blog you. BUT, hmm I pity you sometime babe. You know, only need this two magic words you will be forgiven and got accepted like we used to be. Wanna know kay I tell you k. It's "I'm sorry". Two words, very simple if really mean it, but it is pretty hard ha for you ? 
Hmm, maybe it's hard. I already give you A BIG JACKASS clue. You know what you should do. But as for me, I known you for my whole life, your ego would fall hard, your face mesti macam kena pijak pijak if you say sorry aite ? Hmm, OK, *akward. Nothing else to say. 


Sue me :(

Orang yang hati batu je takan nangis. Kay, I cried watching this video. :'(

Mom and Dad, always has been hero and heroin in my life. 
You we're there to save me, to cover up for me, you taught me how to crawl, talk, walk and all kind of stuff.
I'm nineteen now, I'm grew, I know I can take care of you now, until forever. It will stay that way. I will always be there for you both, even now I can be pain in the ass, sometimes talking and throwing harsh tone to you, I'm sorry. I didn't mean all that. Maybe I was tired, and it's a wrong timing at the time. After I watched this video, Insyallah. I will try my best to do all the things you've said to me. I love you Ma and Ayah. You are the reason I'm here :*

your best lover, 
Aqilah Jafar

#1 Account Paper,

Result Managerial Account dah keluar :)

Alhamdulilah, I got B+, even it's not much but I thank Allah for it. Thank god it's B+ rather than FAIL right ? So bersyukur. 
Congrats to Aqila Anis and Nadia for getting A+ :)

Pssst : Takut FM's result :(

Enjoy :)

Boredness eat me up. Sorry. Enjoy babes :)

I wanted you - Ina

Always be me,

I just don't know how to handle this itchy feelings, *crying tsktsk. Hmmmmm

I'm sorry sayangku Muhammad Nur Hakim Bin Ismail.
Sorry for loving and overly missing you FOR TOO much.

Missing you,

Remember this picture Hunny ?

New year at Genting, I found it on Laila's blog :)

You doesn't know how much I miss you.
You know, you made my heart goes faster and slow at the same times. 
I miss you so much, even words couldn't explain how I feel. Maybe, I look, and sound kinda different. But inside I'm still me. The one you loved. Maybe I did change, maybe it's because of you. I hate changes, by one step of changes automatically I'll change and follow the beats. I know, it suck right ?
Hmm. I'm sorry Hunny for my all my wrong doing, my attitude, I'm sorry it happened. I didn't mean it, I never meant things couldn't go far this way. 
You are like one step closer to perfect in my eyes, me ? I'm like TOO far from perfect in your eyes. Hunny, for me it is very very hard to change from one particular part to another. It is so hard, BUT I will try my best. Try to change into good things. I know you would love it, and it's for my own good too right ? 
In this mean time, I don't know what to do. I got hang up and went totally blur. Everything I do seems so wrong. Sometimes, you actions and words hurt me by accidental. But I don't really mind. Even do it hurt, I'll just keep it to myself. I'll just accept all that kay :D

Hunny, I don't miss you. I just miss the way you smiled, laughed and smelled. The way you're heart and mind start rising when you talked about future. The way we used to talk, the way you make me forget and try to solve my problems whenever I'm having a bad day. I knew you will always be there for me. The way only, I knew about how you smelled like straight out from shower. But the most importantly, I miss the sound, love, look of 'US' that now ceases to exist.

I love you so much Muhammad Nur Hakim Bin Ismail.
Enoughsaid :)