Monday, April 18, 2011

Became an habit,

Hello beautiful creature of Allah. How are you ? 
Most probably for some people, you guys slept already, cause it's school days tomorrow. Yeahh, as for me. I have nothing else to do. 

So now, excuse me for crapping. :D.
Talking about my habits, it started not long time ago. Recently I guess, maybe because I have too much time alone and nothing else to do except being here or anywhere around you :)

  1. Woke up late, is a must
  2. Eating junks and candies *fatfateme, sorry hunny.
  3. Crying when I feel alone
  4. Laugh when I feel like crying
  5. Smile when after I cry *macamoranggila. {EMOSI TAK STABIL, k. I am}
  6. Watching drama with adik adik *kenapaksa
  7. Gossiping with Iidy before she went out and hang out with her friends
  8. Stare outside and getting flashback about the past
  9. Eat breakfast, dinner and lunch at the same time at 6.30 PM *after my mum and I finish cooking.
  10. Go on google, search here and there blablabla
  11. Termenung bila ingat zaman kegemilangan / cerita dulu dulu. *SHIATS, maluu.
  12. Go on youtube, listen to all kind of songs, 
  13. Thinks of Hakim 24/7 *but never get a chance to talk
  14. On the afternoon, most probably just woke up at 12 or 1 PM. *I slept at 3 or 4 AM.
  15. I sometime tend to ignore the phone. *taktaulakenapa.
  16. Malas nak charge and look at the phone. *Cause I know it won't rang
  17. Tension je mandi.
  18. Run thru pictures, whether on flikr, weheartit or anywhere laa
  19. During evening, if I'm not here online. Sat at the balcony or beranda. Get fresh air :D
  20. Mandi lewat petang, tapi sekali mandi 30 minutes. 
  21. Read novels
  22. Ignoring people, except my important's
  23. Doing chores :D
  24. At night, online some more, eat, gossip with dearest Mak *love love, twitter with Iddy.
  25. Crapping some more after my sister sleep.
Kay, tak tau nak cakap apa. Kybye.

Rossa - Tegar

Mellow-ish in the middle of afternoon. 

Gapai semua jemariku
Rangkul aku dalam bahagiamu
Kuingin bersama berdua selamanya
Jika kubuka mata ini
Kuingin s'lalu ada dirimu
Dalam kelemahan hati ini
Aku tegar

Hello :)

Hello pretty, gorgeous :D

Since it's still my morning, so GOOD MORNING. Teeehee. I woke up at 1.00 PM :D. I know, I love holidayss :)
No lah, I was actually to LAZY to woke up so early cause no one's home. My sister went to school like usual. My parents oso. So I have no kawan :( *tsktsk. 
After I woke up, I go sidai kain, * I know budakbaik kan ? Arrghh, perasan k. Kay I been paid. Orang gaji bergaji today :D


You know, I have plenty of things to write. But I couldn't explain my feelings into words. You get it ? Haihh, a lot of things happened this few days, and it make me sick. Pretty serious sick.

I was hoping for things to go back like they we're. *I know, imma person who will always live in the past. I'm just scared to walk to the future cause you never knew what's coming. It could be bad, it could good. You never know. Once you're there. There is not turning back. No exit road, no U-turn. You just have to go straight and never look back.