Saturday, April 16, 2011


Just got home, dinner with my family at Setiawangsa. 

A bit moody today with the things happened to my family and my boyfie.
Problems has been there since I was small. They followed me and my family wherever we go. Insyallah we will stand strong and fight for it, even it is so hard. Insyallah, Allah will help us. Amin.

We went thru ups and downs, so far we're still together. Hope it will remain until our last breath on earth. Maybe I never told you how much I love you guys, but knows that my loves for you is true, vulnerable and remain the same, surely grow more day by day. Tak ada apa pun yang boleh tanding sayang I pada you guys. 
I love you forever. 

Sincerely your daughter, your best lover : Aqilah Binti Jafar 

1# Holiday :)

Woke up at 4.00 AM, checked my phone. Hunny texted me, and I replied straight away and felt asleep. Woke up again at 10.30 AM, I woke up, stare at the window I tot it's 8 in the morning. It's raining, the whether and comforter loves hugging me :D. Didn't get up, took my lappy, on and start playing games, tumblr, blogging, twitter and stuff. Few hours after that, my mum came into my room, sleep with her, gossip gossip sikit. Heheh, girls ? Memang macam ni. I was asked to do some chores, BUT I'm still lazy so like -.-' MALAS. Hakim called right after he woke up, and he sound so damn sleepy, asked him to sleep back, so continue playing games and stuff. Run downstairs for breakfast tapi tak de benda nak makan, so makan la maggi. Watched cool hindustan movie because Mia insisted me watch it siap ugut jangan tukar lagi -.-' kayy. Amik la, I enjoyed the movie until Iid called and asked me to online. Naik atas online, skype, games lagi, hakim misscalled and called him back. Bla bla bla with him, he pissed off letak phone. Tetiba pulak gatal nak blogging :)
The best part is, its 5.23 PM and I haven't bath yet ! 
Saya la orang yang paling malas nak mandi bila hujan :D Air SEJUK



Trust me, I'm the girl who will never stop loving you,

Love call. :)
I love you Muhammad Nur Hakim Ismail 


I wish friends are like Barbie, they stick together. Forever. They support each other.*according to the story and movies I watched in the morning with my sisters. -.-' 
Kay, I'm nineteen and I watched Barbie, so ? 

So, as I was saying, Barbie remain together, happily, together for the bad and good times. They didn't betrayed each other. Maybe they are just Barbie. But the person who made Barbie's stories, movies and dialog stuff are sending a messages. A useful and meaningful messages.

Barbie's saying :-

“you will get what you seek” -Barbie in a Mermaid’s Tale

“i just like you, you’re just like me. and every anyone can see.” -Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper

“hello world” -Barbie Tumbelina

“Uh-uh do not negative tought, you can do this.” -Barbie in a Fairytale

“It’s now or never.” -Barbie in A Mermaid Tale

I wish my friends are like Barbie, they forgive and letting down their ego's. I wish,

Really ?

So, I found my answer. And yet last night I slept and had the WORST 21st century nightmare ever.
Dalam banyak banyak orang, kenapa kau muncul dalam mimpi aku ? Bodoh !



Bad bad dream.

What they say about having bad dream ? - Mainan tidur, mainan syaitan and stuff.
Is it true ? I mean what had happened in our dream. Is it true ? Is it going to happens ?
Haihs, I have the WORST dream ever last night. 

I nearly woke up in tears. Hunny, you're not going to leave me right ? You promise me ! I trusted you with all my heart. Please, don't leave me. I love you so much sayang.