Friday, April 15, 2011

Looking for me ?

It's holiday, what do you expect ?

Banyak kan post before this post ? Haih, orang bosan memang macam ni !
Boyfriend ni, asyik busy je. Hmmmm. Rindu. Kayyy.

You can find me on :-
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  2. aqilah.jafar - on skype
Orang tak da kerja, tengok la post mesti penuh. Jenuh membaca :D


1# Boredness,


Tak da kerja, cari kerja :D
Taken by : Iddy at Multimedia College after multimedia paper -.-'

P/s : Satu paper je keluar muka happy, senyum macam McDonald --..--
*Final susah, semua except for Multimedia and Accounting. Yang lain. Haihs, saya terpaksa bersedia :(

Tips, lose weight in 3 weeks :D

Gahahahah, wanna know ? 

This is like my biggest secret.
Experience : Pernah jadi dekat I, last semester. 
Nak tau apa ? Let me see. Tips kurus dalam masa 3 minggu cuti. 

Avoiding from being extra lazy and fat while on holiday is :- 

Follow the instruction, *based on my experience :). Kalau nak ?
  1. Woke up at 12 in the afternoon
  2. Open your lappy, 
  3. Go to the toilet and do whatever shit you wanna do,
  4. Go online,
  5. Open all web, as many as you can.
  6. Facebook
  7. Blogspot
  8. Twitter
  9. Youtube
  10. Play games
  11. Tumblr
  12. WeHeartIt
  13. Open everything, main sampai tak ingat makan apa semua. Tau tau dah MALAM, tak rasa lapar, penat or anything. Tau tau da malam and you just like prepare yourself to sleep :o *yawn 
  14. Muka tak mandi duduk lekat depan lappy
  15. Tak ingat makan, tak ingat mandi. *perangai busuk saya time cuti semester :) Teeeheee.
  16. Sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning after a nice warm shower :D
P/s : The routine went on and on and on. Until start college :D

You wish,

Masuk masuk new semester. Muat baju semester 1. WAHH, turun 8kg. *For me, is not easy to lose weigh by sitting around okay. I'm a fat lady. Kay, bye.

Macam ni penganggur terhebat D:


Semester BREAK.

My semester break started at 5.30 PM on 15 April 2011. Right after I passed my paper. Yeeehuuu. Heaven and holiday. Boleh relax :)

I'm thinking of getting a job, short one. About 3 weeks, or maybe more. Mana la nak cari ? Hmmmm. Kenapa tah nak kerja in this time being, short one pulak tuu. Wanna know why ? Heheheh. BECAUSE, my money is sinking. Hehhe, kay. I have been spending too much and for my holiday I have none. Zero I tell you. -.-' sedihnya hidup : Ayat @iidreenonn

IF, I didn't get a job. I'll stop looking for one.
So like yeah, the routine for holiday.
DUHH, the best part ever is :-
I got to sleep till NOON. Yeahhh, -.-' so bored, cause my sister left for school and I'm like so freaking alone at home, nothing else to do. So itu je for now. Kbyeee.

Sad girlfriend,

Maybe you're too tired and stuff. 
Sorry if I buat you pressure.
I'm sorry. I just MISS you for too much. 
I miss our moments together. 
Kay, loveyou.

Masalah ?

Dulu kita bestfriend, rapat sangat. #DULU la ceritanya. Sekarang ? Sekarang kita allergic tengok awak. Kay, faham ? Good :D

Fyi, I deleted you on facebook cause in my mind, you never exist. 
Maaf, saya orang yang kuat dendam. 
Jangan buat silap, silap besar jawabnya. Awak tanak tegur ? Tanak da, tak hadap pun. 
You not worth a dime baby :)

Unstable mood. 
Final ended at 5.30 PM today. Holiday peeps :D
Sad sad, #enoughsaid.
Tak da masa nak hadap orang macam kau. #Boleh ?
Susah ke nak respect orang ? #mentaldisorder !