Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I know you can do it sayang ;)
Trying is not a sin nor a crime. 
I love you hunny. You are my freaking BIG inspiration. 

P/s : Ingat, bila hunny down you tau apa jadi kat I kan ? Hmmmm. You are my strength hunny. I can do it when you are there with me :D

Hello Lova ;)

Dear MY beloved Muhammad Nur Hakim.

Don't be sad of what had happened sayangku ;).
I know it's pretty hard to accept, but PAST will always be PAST hunny. You just have to be strong and keep it up. Be ready for tomorrow lova. You know, you are not a quitter. I know you're not a quitter. Never seen you like this before hunny. I am so sorry if what I did was wrong, but my intention is to see you smile and get back up Hunny. I know you can do it. My HUNNY is not gonna give up. Sedih tengok sayang I macam ni. Nanti I pun tak boleh focus fikir awak macam ni. 
Take your time hunny, but I really need you to focus for the next paper tomorrow at 2.30 PM. You can do it. I know you can and you will. You always does lova. I miss my hunny bunny. Esok je sayang, esok je. Then you are free like butterfly ;)
This is not easy, I know. I been there, I've done that lova. 
Tamau down down macam ni sayang. Life must go on, take your time ok. If you say I'm your inspiration, prove it Hunny. You are my inspiration too sayang. Everytime I rasa I tak boleh buat, I think of you. Insyallah, things will get better. You are more than what I expected hunny. 
I love you so much :*


I am tremendously BUSY. 
Till this Friday only. Then only I'm free. Insyallah. 
I'm all busy with final exam this week, until this Friday. Then only I can sleep and dream heavenly at night :D
Since it final week, I hardly sleep at night, cause. Heheh, busy studying and yet at the morning when I opened the paper I'm like *yawnss HELL I can't remember anything. SO like yeah, I don't know what will happens to my result later. I am not so sure what will the result be. Cause I suck at my previous paper, which is ONLY yesterday :( SCREW us, everyone was like JAW DROPPED when they opened the exam paper. F you financial management. It was superb hard. Even Laila, yang pandai leave the exam room EARLY like after 45 minutes the examination starts. We're like totally blank. Momma, I'm sorry. 
My result would be in flying colors, I am so sorry for this semester. I know I have been playing around. Waaaaa :'( tsktsk. Hmmmm, 
I just finish revising for my 2.30 PM paper this afternoon. I'm so tired. Gonna call hunny before bed time and I'm officially off to bed. For good. Tired memorizing -.-'
Kay, nanite, xx