Saturday, March 26, 2011

Haven't sleep yet :D

Off to PD in few hours. Me and iidy haven't sleep yet. Gaaahhhh. Kbyeeee

Surprise :D

Heheh, 26 March 2011 :)

Happy birthday my hunnybee. Eventho I came and surprised you early but we hang out till your birthday came. I was hoping for you to be there with me tomorrow at PD :(. But I know you couldn't make it. You have classes till evening. It's okay, study first :D

Okay, I made a surprise for Hakim, by coming to Damai without telling him. He was actually merajuk dengan I cause I didn't reply his text message. -.-' alahai macam I tak kenal you. So on my way to your hostel, I called you and ask you bla bla bla. Then tetiba I cakap "I tengah jalan ni dengan Iid. I kat Damai, mai la keluar." You like "Apa you cakap ni ? Jangan tipu la. main main *with your happy tak confident and weird voice you like hmmm okay okay kejap " :D Hehehhehehe.

You went out and see me and Iid outside of the gate, you just got up from bed. Hehehe, dengan senyum macam kerang busuk (Yang paling I rindu tuu) I hand over the cupcakes :D :D
I am so happy, even tho for me it's nothing much. Ini je yang mampu :(

I really miss you hunny. So we went out for dinner and hang out until midnight. Aj pick me up later after that. Awwwwww. How I miss your kiss :* how I wish I could hug you just now :D

P/s : Oh oh, I made a card for him. A birthday card and I ordered him cupcakes. :D It look super duper yummy. See seee :D

I just love the BEE's :D :D 
I love you Muhammad Nur Hakim, I know you will do great after this. Insyallah :D You will succeed in your own way. I believe in you. Cause I know who you are, you can do it cause I know you want things to be like they were :D
Everything going to be just fine Hunny :)