Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Friday :)

Friday, come soon. I miss my boy. 
Grrr. Hope to see him before PD *kalau dia bangun pagi -.-'.
This week has been quite a great and busy week for us. Me and him have to finish all of our final project. So effing busy. I wish I could sat down with him and just talk, non stop. Like we always does. I really miss him. You are my strength hunny. There is no way I am strong enough to face all the tenseness's. Thank god. I still got time to talk to you 15 minutes per day. You're just getting busier than before. Class packed till afternoon, rugby in the evening, assignment at late night and then we have to go to bed. Urgh, cepat la habis and final, I want to rest ! I miss you badly -.-'
Friday : It's going to be a one whole of special day for us. I love you Muhammad Nur Hakim <3, it will never end. *I wish it will be :*
You know I love you, I know you love me too.

Presentation :)

Week of presentation. Today I have to present our multimedia's final project. BUT, miss rejected our presentation and I have to re-do it again -.-' aiyakk. Tired ohh. Tomorrow we're going to present it again and hand the reports. On friday we have to present english, an oral. Urgh, I hate oral -.-' It stink and it suck :/

So tired, I wish it end now :( gonna be busy before Port Dickson this saturday. Gonna finish everything baru boleh vacay :D