Friday, March 18, 2011

Long Distance,

Lepas 11 tahun tak reti naik motor, FINALLY. Today qie catat rekod naik motor dengan hunny :D
Hhehe. For the 1st time naik motor kan. Bapak jakun -.-' bosan. Kbyee.

Kena bangun awal, esok ada event : Larian Amal. Go go MMC

Rugby :D

Hello :D
I'm still at college. Hakim going to send me back home after this. I spend half of my days at college today to finish my FM's assignment. It wasn't easy okay ! -.-' I hate it, after this I have to go back home and computerized it all. Angah and iid at the college with me. Angah helped me and Iid trying finish her proposal.
It's raining and it's already late, so die hard la ni. Suruh Hakim hantar balik rumah. I'm tired and I don't want to go home all alone. Mak is not home yet, still at S.A with I don't know who la. 

Kelakar tengok Hakim and my class mate main rugby. *Hakim garang gila -.-'