Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ka-ching $ $ $,

Money is not GOD. Thanks :D

Why is everybody so obsessed?
Money can’t buy us happiness.
If we all slow down and enjoy right now
Gurantee we’ll be feelin
All right.

Nak Jugak !

8 march 2011. Me Aj and Sahzali went to uptown Danau Kota. 

It's Aj's birthday, mum made a big big surprise by doing a surprise PIZZA day. Hehe, on her way home she stop by at Pizza Hut and order 4 boxes of pizza *for Aj's. Variety I tell you. Dah boleh buat kenduri da. So yeah, she came home and say "Pegi bukak pintu" and I like "Siapa pulak yang ada kat pintu tu ?" and she went to the toilet, suddenly pizza's delivery boy horn. So I'm like, who ordered pizza ? It's already PAID -.-' Aj and me dah like totally blur. 
Go back into the house and ask mum, siapa order ? Then she like senyum macam kerang busuk -.-' dayyum mummy. Ngada. Heheh, surprise sangat k. 

So I HAVE to prepared everything for the birthday girl, as the birthday girl are TOO busy watching Hindustan in the middle of evening. One a hole crazy women. *I don't have issues with Hindustan, I have problem with her watching it while I want to watch other channel. 

So, get back to the stories. After we have our dinner with Aj's friend. We are like so damn FULL. So Aj ask me "Nak pegi uptown ? Go get dress." So dah sampai Danau, jalan jalan pusing banyak kali. Suddenly I scream. Arrrrrr. I want it. Hhehe, 

They are so cute right ? Arrrr. I want it, kura kura yang sangat comel. qie suka :D :D
When I was 12 I ada kura kura. And then they died. 2 of them.
So I wanted a new one. I want 2 of them. Arrrrgghh. So cuteee.  
:D :D

P/s : Siapa rajin nak belanja ? ? *winking ;)

Badly Want It.

Arrrrggghh. I want it so badly :( 
You all must be wondering. Tah apa tah budak ni nak dengan jersey ni. Arsenal pulak tu kan. 

Actually I want to give this for Hunny 21st birthday. This upcoming 26 March 2011. Hmmm :( My hunny da tua da. Hehe,
I know how badly you want this jersey. I tried. BUT, y'know. *sadsad. Hmm. 
Couldn't say anything more. *tsktsk. :'(
I'm sorry Muhammad Nur Hakim. :*