Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cares ? NO !

Kay, it really suck to know that "few" of brainless shit keep talking and talking about someone very important in my life and who are these people in your life if you wanna talk about ? 
You know nothing about my past, don't go around and say things. YOU have no right. IF, mulut kau tu tak boleh jaga. Orang kalau mulut macam shit, cakap apa pun shit kan ? People may accept you, but I don't. Mr. Popular la sangat. Erghh, 
I once owe you. But not to you. *deep breath. You know this is not easy for me to say things here cause you're my senior and I owe you, so like hmm. Whatever. -.-'
No matter how much I owe you. But please, I just need some respect from you. I don't really care what you said, and what you're going to say. I don't give a shit.
Jangan sibuk hal orang. Boyfriend aku kan ?

Wanna know something ? 
I don't need a rich, snobby, sarcastic, good look, judgmental boyfriend. What I need is : a boyfriend who is not gonna cheat and lie to me. FOR GOOD. That's all. Nothing else matter, and definitely : I don't need a boyfriend who are currently with 2 or 3 girlfriends at times. At least I know Hakim is not like that. 
Kau dengan dia tu tak sama. Jangan nak cakap pasal orang bila kau tu bini 2 3 -.-' bodoh !