Monday, March 7, 2011


Sorry for the late entry babe. 
BTW, I only have 30 minutes to 8 March 2011 :) I still have the chance to make a short post about you. 

Liyana Adilla Mohd Asri. 20 years old *Gahhhh, semua da tau birthday Dila. No more teens for you babe. 

Happy birthday again babe. I love you. 
Hehe, no unicorn this year :( sorry. 
NO $$$$ :'(

Thanks for everything babe :*

Cool !

Actually I'm in love with Sara Barellies new song in the name of King of Anything. Wanna watch her video, go and youtubing the song and I found this. 

Sam Tsui

Okay Imma massive obsessive. I'm into HIM badly. Kay, don't blame me. He is so cute and so cool. 

He is WAYY cooler than any epic acapella  video in youtube. He remind me of Kurt in Glee's. Look at his video. It's funny how he's flirting with the camera with sound effect and such. 
Click the video ! You will love it. He is sho cool :D
Hahaha *Hunny jangan mara k.

Better in Time.

I'm the happiest girl on earth. 
Maybe at times, we need to fight. We need to be apart. SOMETIMES only okay ! 
Up and down, and fighting in the relationship is a must. Get back together with you *I mean like talking to you after 7 days may have resulted in bruised ego and wounded heart.
I have to say, I had comes to one situation where I thought it would ended there. But it DIDN'T. I'm sorry for the things that I have done. You and me have swallow to much pain. We had our misunderstanding, argument, tears, pain, broken heart, regret, aggrieved and through out last night spending hours talking after not talking to each other for 7 days is what we needed for the sake of our relationship. Miscommunication. Misunderstanding. Stupid mistake can break us into a million pieces. 

I miss you my Hunnyb. 

Now I understand bit by bit about our relationship. A small crack can lead to big ones also it might end up collapse one day. 
No Hunny. I'm not gonna let that happens. I will cover it, patch it. I will do anything to make it look prettier outside and inside. 
We both had our promises that we will do anything to make this relationship works and ignored wounded hearts. I know we can. I know you love me. You know I love you too. 
I miss your voice. I miss your laugh. And finally after 7 days. After few hours talking on the phone with you I can actually put a big smile on my face at last. Ear to ear. Hearing you laugh, your voice *even when you're serious. I don't care. I miss you my boy. We missed every information about each other. With the things going on with our days. We kinda forgot about each other schedule.We are getting busier as we are MUCH MUCH closer to FINALS -.-'.

I miss everything about you. Trough thick and thin, I am hoping for us to keep holding on. Love can bring us back :*

Relationship can be complicated and confusing at times. Things go wrong. Simple step can lead us to breaking up. Thank god it didn't happened to me. Hunny, knows that I hurted you so bad. I promise I'll do what you said. I tried my best. I just want you to be happy. I just want you in my life. 

Tiada yang lain selain dirimu sayang ---------> Hakim Ismail ♥. ------>    



Hey Hakim Ismail.

Maybe you noticed it. 
That I have been crying my eyes out, every single night starting from 28 February 2011. And you just plainly ignored me. I know what I did was wrong. Maybe you get bored with my attitude and such, cause of I kept doing the same mistake over and over again. Y'know how much I miss you. You didn't pick up my call cause you said you need time and respect. Kay, I get it. Truly get it Hunny. But until when ? You have to face me tomorrow, or sooner or later. Stop running away from me B. I miss my boy. So badly. I'm eager to see you. 

Watching you by far is so hurtful. Lowered down your ego Hunn. Recently I have been swallow all this pain. And I don't want do it again. Hunny, I regret. I shouldn't leave you that day. Please come back to me. I really miss my Muhammad Nur Hakim. I really DO ! 

 We need to talk. I hate waking up 3 or 4 in the morning looking at my phone and there is not 1 miscall or message from you. I miss everything. I miss HIM. ALL about HIM. Hunny. Please come back. I need my Hunnyb.