Thursday, March 3, 2011


I don't know what happened to you. I don't know what's wrong. I don't know how things could possible go wrong. What happened ? Why ? 
You know what Hunny, it's a already been a month. 1 month, no more hang out, no more communication, no more understanding. 
We're missing a lot more of each other. The best word to describe is "We're not like we used too." 
Don't you get it ? I mean, what's wrong ? What happened ? Did I do something wrong ? At least tell me, don't running around and leave me all by myself. I'm not used to this. 
I'm not used to be alone, you always be right there beside me, you knew my stories. You should understand me better, stop being selfish I know you been tired and such but AT LEAST say something to me, don't leave me with a lot of question running in my head. 

Try harder, I miss ya boyfriend.

Exit Door,

Exit door ? What is that ? Exit door means way out. 
Example : We're getting close to finals, life's turn upside down because of Mr. Assignment. Me and Mr. Assignment became more closer than before, I have been searching and looking a long way. But still haven't found my exit door. There is no way out after been hooked to Mr Assignment. Urgh. *Breathe qie.

I have been chained to my lappy !
Sekarang lappy and me dah macam bestfriend. Everyday tengok, tekan tekan, picit picit semua. Lappy dah macam handphone. Kena bawak everyday. Kalau tak da susah nak buat kerja. 
Getting busier with all the assignment, need to test and present next week. Two weeks before final. Need to pass up all the tutorial before next week to calculate carry marks.