Sunday, February 27, 2011

Everything :)

You're everything to me. You're my best friend, lover, brother, you're everything to me :)
I can't repay you everything you've done to me. You are my breath taking. Inhale, exhale. 
I never thought I felt love like this. Ain't no other person like you for me, just you. You are everything to me !

You will always be my hero Hakim Ismail 

My macho man, my pretty boy :*

I miss you so muchy my hunny bee. I love you till my last breath on earth :*

We're EVEN :)

Happy 7 monthsary to Nana and Hafiz :)

Happy 7 months of befriending to Qila (ME) and Hakim :) 

We're EVEN. 
Both on 27 :)
I love you both ; Hakim and Nana weewii.

The BEST date EVER

With hunny at Broga Hill.
This happened to be the greatest day of all our dates.
Happy 7 months of befriending Hakim Ismail. I love you so much hunny :)

Love : Qila & Hakim

We build love till the end. I love youuu ! Again and again !