Monday, February 21, 2011

Pity you :(

Just got off the phone with Hunny. 
He just finish doing his assignment. Call him to check him out, tot he asleep but then he's not. Called him and he say, he want to go out. Watching football night with classmate -..-
Kay, hunny. I am not mad about this football thingy k. I'm just worried about you. 
You just got back from camping + hiking at Broga Hill with your friends just now at 5 PM. You played futsal at evening till maghrib *satu lagi kerja gila. You came home ask me to call cause you running out of credit, so thought of you might wanna sleep cause I know you're tired. Bawak motor lagi kan, hmmm. You asked me to call, you say you wanna go dinner with your friends. You came home, do your assignment and oh my god hunny. You sound so damn tired, ofcourse you are. Your body is totally sore. I am so freaking worried about you. Now it's time to watch football at Wangsa Maju with your classmate. Haiyaa. Pity you sayang. Lepas ni balik sure 3 or 4 AM. Later at 7 AM I'm going to call to wake you up for breakfast and classes. Hunny hunny. Hectic and hyper boyfriend I have here. Anyway, I love you. Off to bed now. Mwa :*