Sunday, February 20, 2011

Say HELLO :)

Nighty love. 
Say hello to my dearest babes ; Iidreen Onn :)
Malam ni malam assignment, tutorial, meetings, presentation 10.30 tomorrow *which is an EUW and super allergic for us. Haha.
So just now and right now IM-ing with Iddy. Whining here and there and tetiba Iddy boleh cakap ni. :D

So, this is my gorgeous Iddy :)
Sama tak muka you macam robot ? jap jap meh tengok sat !

My SEXY robot :)

You are my SEXY ROBOT ROBIT :)

Hehe, ada la kan. Rupa you guys cam sama jee kan. Hehhe *joking b. 
But heyy, okay apa robot. Semua you boleh buat b. You can be my sexy robot yaww. Heheh.
No stress and tension for tonight k. Everything going to be fine lovies. Breath. Don't cry k.
Jangan marah dy. I'm trying to make you smile whereas I know we have no time for it right. Enjoy. 
I love you even you robot I. Let me know if you need anything <3


: Life is a cycle, when you lie, you apologies, you regret. When you regret, you forget, and you do it again. When you do it again, people hardly trust you, when no one trust you, you cry, you scream, you apologies. Knows that, that person will forgive you BUT that person wouldn't be, wouldn't act the same. Yet one day you should realize. Once you broke someone's trust you won't be getting any. 

Heleeza Saidin
‎:Love is a cycle, when you love,you get hurt,you hate. When you hate you try to forget. When you try to forget,you start missing. When you start missing,eventually you'll fall in love again.



Yawwww, yes I am very sleepy but I can't sleep. 
I'm here, laying down on my bed, thinking of you and missing the whole of you.
I can't sleep without your voice. Hhehe, yeah he called me just now from Broga Hill at 11.58 P.M I know. It's like couple of hours back. But I still couldn't close my eyes without your voice. Usually at nights, the fastest ways to shut me off is for Hakim to called me kissing and saying I love you and put me in bed. and for sure after few minutes I'll be in the first class dreamy flight. Yeahh, 
Trying to sleep when you're not around, I tau I tak sepatutnya bergantung pada you. Hmm, love you.


When you are in loved, no words can describe your feeling,
When you are in loved, no words explain your actions,
When you are in loved, those tears is your smile,
When you are in loved, those smile is your laugh,
When you are in loved, those laugh is your love.

When you are around, I love you,
When you are not around, I love you more,
When you are not around in KL, I love you the most,
Whenever, wherever you are you will always be in my mind, heart, and soul.

When I miss you, I facebook you,
When I miss you a lot, I text you,
When I miss you so much, I call you.

Eventho you hate me, know that I love you.
Eventho I hate you, I know you love me.

We walk, hold hand, hug, talk, smile, laugh, mad, frown, sad, kiss every single day. I love you through out those days. I love you loving me in such. I love you hating me in any way. 

Your annoyingness is your charms.
I love you for that Hakim Ismail.

You make me laugh even when I'm having the worst day ever. Your word of wisdom is what I miss the most. Don't let me go. You already promise me. Don't blame me cause talking to you is already glued and schedule in my daily routine.

I love you my HERO
I love you my Hunny
I love you my Hakim Ismail.
You will always be in my Heart
You're my H's lover.

Camping :)

 Hero in my heart.

He is not here in KL. He went camping at Broga Hill with zul, daus, toke, mat and nizam KOT. Heheh, sorry kalau salah k hunny. I lupa you cakap apa tadi :*
Usually when you went camping, hiking and etc you're not gonna call me. But you DID, thanks for calling me just now hunnybee. I miss you. :*

For your information, Hakim Ismail hobby is, selain daripada die heart biggest fan of Arsenal *which I am okay with it NOW. 
Masuk keluar hutan, hiking, travelling and such. He is all up. He played rubgy, football, jogging and all kind of things. Memang I kalah dengan you kan hunny. You can do anything you want, you can do whatever you need. I am so freakig DE JA Jealous with you y'know. Hmm. Somehow you wanted me to understand that this activities means a lot to you. I can't say anything about it. Chill out hunny, I am not gonna say anything :D. I am so proud and a bit jealous of you :/ grr. 
Anyway. Have fun camping with your friends hunnybee. I'll be missing you :*